When we work with our horses, we are activating their muscles that move their joints and bones.

Occasionally, the horse may move in a manner that places them out of balance and places strain on their body. Or as they are building muscles, their posture is changing and so the muscles need some help adapting.

Tight muscles can result in tendon injuries, torn muscles and displays of discomfort in the horse such as kicking or biting.

For you, Sarah can identify areas of any dysfunction and then provide a massage to help the blood flow into the horses muscles, allow relaxation of the horses body and offer some exercises that will help your horse attain more balance.

Included in the massage, Sarah also uses a Photonic torch which stimulates the horses acupuncture points and opens up meridian lines, helping the horse brain connect back in with its body.

If you would like to book a massage or if you want to know more feel free to contact Sarah on 0458468909 or her Facebook page.


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