We all love to see our horses happy and healthy. However, when injury or soreness does occur we should always consider the horses Fascia system to ensure full recovery.

Fascia is the strong and elastic connective tissue that binds together every organ, muscle and bone in the horse’s body. It acts as a shock absorber for muscles and allows them to move together without interference from each other.

The Superficial Fascia lays just under the skin, insulating the horse’s body and creating ways for nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes to enter the muscles.

Deep fascia is a dense tissue that holds together the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone membrane, joint capsules, nerves and vessels.

When Fascia is affected by muscle injury or physical trauma it can become tight and restrict the movement of the horse. Because all fascia is interconnected, sometimes restrictions can show up in areas of the body other than place of trauma.

A good massage therapist can help your horse release tight Fascia, which in turn will promote blood flow, less stiffness and a better recovery time.

Feel free to contact Sarah today, in order to give your horse their best chance at recovery.

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