In-hand Lessons

When the words ‘Inhand work’ are mentioned, many people picture people leading horses around the show ring.

The Inhand work I teach however, is about creating spinal alignment and therefore balance in the horse.

Picture this, the horses brain sends and receives electric pulses along the spinal cord and throughout the nervous system. The horse for a reason (riders balance, bad fitting gear, injury ect) steps out of balance and over time, this becomes a habitual movement.
In order to compensate for the limb, the horses spine becomes crooked, affecting the flow of the spinal cord and the horses ability to properly activate muscles.

Depending on the horses posture, conformation and biomechanics, the owner is to lead the horse through a variety of movements (Circles, shoulder fore ect) from the ground in aims to discover where their horses balance is at and how to help them step into alignment.

Inhand work is great for any horse as most horses are crooked to some degree. It is particularly useful for horses that need rehabilitation (trauma, nerve damage, poor posture, muscle damage and more) and Inhand also helps before a horse is started under saddle so that the strength and education is already there before the rider.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact Sarah via her Facebook page.

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