Whatever your goals may be, rehabilitation, dressage, jumping, competing or just enjoying your horse, having a balanced partnership is the key.

Horses quite often reflect our own posture as we ride. Someone who sits tall and proud, allows their horse the room to move. A person who collapses in their thoracic creates a shift in the weight that can block the horses way of moving. It is these minute details that can affect your horses ability to relax, be balanced and be able to trust that their rider will be able to keep them out of harms way.

If you would like some help with your horse, are striving to be a better rider and are after a horsemanship that aims for self carriage with relying on the compression of tie downs or sidereins, book in a lesson with Sarah.

Whatever your level may be, or discipline, having a balanced horse and rider is the secret to a happy, trusting bond.

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