The Benefits of Massage

Equine massage is a journey into discovering how the horses body works. By assessing the horse biomechanically and palpating its muscles we can discover how the horse is carrying itself and what the causes of tension are.

Having your horse massaged will encourage blood flow, therefore developing the horses muscles. Any knots or restrictions can be resolved, giving the horse back there full range of motion. Keeping in mind, that if the horse has been carrying itself one way for a long time, releasing everything will allow for no support. That is why monthly sessions are recommended.

More blood flow means extra oxygen flowing into the horses brain, therefor helping them to relax. This can help their mental state and a relaxation of the muscles, resulting in less tension on tendons and ligaments.

Tension of the horses muscles, tendons and ligaments can result in career ending injuries and time spent in box rest. Having your horse massaged can be preventative, as the massage therapist can pinpoint places of dysfunction and help you as the horse owner, get more years of enjoyment with your horse.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of having your horse massaged, feel free to call Sarah on 0458468909 or check out her Facebook page to see when she is in your area.

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