The Benefits of Photonic Therapy

The most commonly used Photonic Therapy is that of the Red light. It harmlessly works through the surface of the horses body, targeting places of tension and pain in the fascia, muscles and nerves.

Applied through the use of a torch, pad or wrap, the photonic light stimulates the horses cells, opening them up to remove any blocked energy, encouraging blood flow and connecting brain signals with the afflicted area. This allows the horse to process and heal from their discomfort quicker.

The Red Light is often used on Acupuncture points, Meridian lines, helping heal open wounds and resolving scar tissue. If the horse is sensitive, the torch allows for a non contact option that will help the horse heal.

If you would like to know more about the Red Light Therapy or make a booking, feel free to contact Sarah on 0458468909 or check out her Facebook page to see when she is in your area.

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